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June 8, 2016
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August 11, 2016
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Trials of the Third Trimester!

You are almost to the finish line! The end is in sight!

The third trimester begin with 28th week and ends at birth. Your baby (and your belly) is growing rapidly. Here’s what’s going on with your body!

  • FATIGUE, with baby rapidly developing and growing, it causes increased fatigue. Also difficulties sleeping (frequent urination and just getting comfortable) play a part here. Try and make sure you are getting enough rest. Cut yourself some slack, your body is hard at work!
  • ACHES, you will have more body aches. Your feet may ache (try elevating them while sitting), your back may ache (try sleeping with a pillow between your knees), your ligaments stretching or pelvis may cause discomfort. All of this is from the baby growing.
  • FREQUENT URINATION/LOSS OF BLADDER CONTROL, again, from the extra weight on the pelvic floor causes frequent trips to the potty AND uh-ohs when you sneeze! Keep doing those Kegels!!
  • BIGGER BOOBS, some may find this to be a good thing; your body is preparing itself to keep nourishing baby beyond delivery. Make sure you have a good supportive bra!
  • HEARTBURN, once again, your uterus is expanding to just under your rib cage, making digestion harder. Eating small frequent meals helps and avoiding spicy foods.
  • BRAXTON HICKS, your uterus is preparing for labor. Real contractions generally start coming closer together and more intense. Make sure you are staying hydrated; dehydration can cause many to have contractions.

Trust your instincts! If you feel something is wrong, call your healthcare provider. Certainly call them for fever, severe pain, bleeding, sudden swelling or weight gain.

Hang in there mama! You are almost to the finish line.